Win Ownership

Every win is owned by a single person. Why?

Obviously, it is great to have multiple people collaborating on a goal. However, "shared accountability" has proven to be ineffective in multiple studies (see this Wikipedia article). We need one person to step up and be accountable for the success of the win in order to avoid confusion, miscommunication, and decreased attachment from results.


Owning a win does not necessarily mean doing all of the work.

When your name is on a win, it means that you are committed to manage the win towards completion by keeping up with the key habits related to that win. Things like:

  • Ensuring the child wins are sufficient to keep the parent win on track (regardless of who owns the child wins)
  • Updating the confidence level when prompted
  • Potentially, but not necessarily, owning child wins and doing the related work

Do not hesitate to add wins for team members underneath your own wins when that makes sense. Just add a comment and @mention them to confirm they can take it on.

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