Identify Strategic Choices

As with many things, the quality of your questions determines the quality of your answers. Your team is an invaluable resource as you set your strategic goals and the weekly meeting cadence includes time for you to pose your most pressing questions to them.

It is crucial that you think carefully about what strategic choices you have before you and how to pose the best question possible to your team.

Example Strategic Choices

  • "I've added wins A and B, but I can only commit to one because of time-constraints. I think I should start with A for such and such reasons, but I wanted to get input from you all to see if you see it differently."
  • "I've chosen these three Key Results, but I wonder like they could be better. How could I improve or add to them?"
  • "I think this is the most direct path to success, but does anyone have suggestions for a faster/bolder/more efficient approach?"

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