Keep Your Wins Top of Mind

A Rushed Process Is Better Than Nothing

HabitStack encourages you to think about and plan your goals at regular intervals -- weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. To get the best results, your team should be meeting on a weekly basis for 30-60 minutes to talk about your plans and progress.

Now, for many of us, meetings and deadlines drive our focus on a daily to day basis. So right away, your weekly HabitStack meeting -- and the prep habits required -- will drive far more focus on your strategic priorities than is typical for most busy teams. In other words, even if you are scrambling to prepare for your weekly HabitStack, at least you are scrambling every week instead of every quarter!

Let's not lose sight of this improvement over the status quo.

Slowing Down Is Worth It

Dedicating some un-rushed time will maximize what you get out of the process:

  • Writing clear and measurable wins takes reflection and, sometimes research into your current metrics.
  • Tracking past wins is usually a pretty quick process, but updating your confidence ratings deserves some thought. "How likely am I to hit this goal? Am I missing anything?"
  • You need to think through how the strategic landscape has changed and prune your wins so they don't go exponential on you (see Too Many Wins).
  • A big part of the value of the HabitStack process is helping your team to succeed which means you need to read through everyone else's wins and provide encouragement and constructive criticism.

Your Wins Workflow

You need to integrate your weekly wins into your normal day-to-day workflow. Generally, this means automatically pushing your weekly wins to whatever software tool you use to manage your focus.

The details vary person to person, but here are some common approaches:

  • Schedule specific wins in your calendar. Whenever you create a weekly win, it gets copied to your calendar. You then drag it to the time in the week that you plan to work on that win.
  • Schedule win blocks in your calendar. Many people block off recurring "focus time" in their calendars. This works well for win work as well.
  • Add weekly wins to your todo list. Whenever you create a weekly win, it gets copied to Asana, Trello,, Todoist or wherever you track day-to-day work.
  • Email yourself new wins. If you use your inbox to manage your work, set up a Zapier integration to email new weekly wins to yourself.
  • Leave HabitStack open in a tab. Many people cycle through a series of key browser tabs multiple times per day. For example, GMail, GitHub, Intercomm, repeat. Just add HabitStack to the list of important tabs to monitor.
  • Trigger regular reminders. If your workflow throughout the day is quite responsive and you use notifications and reminders to keep important things on your radar, consider creating one or more recurring events in your calendar with a notification like "Work on your wins!"

Want to integrate HabitStack with your favourite tool? Start a chat with us and we'll walk you through how to do it.

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